Our Mission

     To design and build new instruments that meet the liturgical needs of churches today with an eye towards the church of future generations
     To offer design and engineering services
     To provide expert and reliable tuning and maintenance services at a reasonable cost; to remain available for emergency services
     To provide a variety of restoration and enhancement options for existing instruments; giving churches creative options and viable solutions
We are an AMERICAN firm, and believe that our strength is similar to a fundamental of this great country, e Pluribus Unum: we are indeed "one from many". We have studied the great instruments of America and Europe; our experience, research and traditions meld with modern technology to create new instruments that are reliable, beautiful and eclectic.

    Company Philosophy

The raison d'etre of American Classic Organ Company lies in our fundamental  tonal philosophy:

Our goal is to build eclectic instruments that are able to effectively play literature of any period, given the needs and resources of the particular worship space.

  Current Projects

Opus 14	St. John's Episcopal Church,  New Milford Connecticut
Opus 15	Church of the Holy Trinity, Middletown, Connecticut
Opus 16	Hadwen Park Congregational Church, Worcester, Massachusetts


    Contact Information

We are able to respond to churches in the Northeast for tuning and emergency repairs.

We also are available throughout the country for consultation/friendly advice, design and construction services, 

and major rebuilding projects. 


Shop Telephone
(860) 526-5844
Postal address
Electronic mail
General Information:    info @  aco-mail.com 


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